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Moments that make tires coming back to life

Date:2018-01-26 14:39:47 click:1337

Tire pressure gauge, pump, jack, tire repair agent and so on are an essential tool for driving us.Tires are important parts, which affect the performance of the car is vital, but at the same time the wastage of the tyre and automobile products, need regular replacement to ensure the safety of driving.If owners can carry on the proper maintenance to the tyres, such as daily pay attention to the tire pressure of the tire, timely for the tyre and test the tire pressure, to prolong the service life of tires are of great help.
Moments that make tires coming back to life!Pump guide visitors!
(on-board pump is indispensable for every car auto supplies)
In addition to the maintenance of reason, go out in the outside, the hard to avoid can meet a flat tire, on its own for the efficiency of the tyre is certainly higher than waiting for repair shop to help.So no matter the cause of the daily maintenance, or causes of prevention, car pump are each car auto supplies necessary.
Inflator pump, also called angry machine, pump, aerator, most of the pump is through the motor run to work, is a tool for car tyre;Inflator pump working principle is through the motor operation, extraction, the connectors of the valve by atmospheric pressure, let the gas into the cylinder, and cheer to the tire, the valve is pressure inside cylinder closed again, the gas into the tire, so the air compressor is inflated by using the principle of the atmospheric pressure.