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High-pressure pump principle of new products

Date:2018-01-28 14:38:59 click:2575

High pressure tank inlet is a one-way intake piston, cylinder cheer when the piston to open, the pump the gas into high pressure tank, within the cylinder comes to breathe in, piston closed.Forming high pressure of high pressure tank and the tyre.
Gas cylinder is thin than ordinary funnel, according to the relationship between the pressure, the pressure, area, pressure is small, but, to pump up the number of times.While use normal vent gas pressure is greater than the tire pressure to play in.
Due to the diameter of the tyres qimenxin is very small, even produce certain pressure difference, according to the fluid mechanics, tires and pump pressure balance also want a long time, it won't pay such cheer, because every time you really have to wait a long time at the bottom of the compressed air can enter the tyres.
If combined with high pressure cylinder, pump and high pressure tank between the check valve can be bigger, so that each pump compressed air quickly into the high pressure tank, can quickly to cheer, maintain a high pressure and high pressure tank and gas flowing type tires.