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Reservoir type high-pressure pump for the new product

Date:2018-01-26 14:41:06 click:1328

The utility model relates to a kind of gas storage type high pressure pump, it USES the double side positioning valve core, increased the spring tray, and after the adjustment good spring pressure will U back to swivel bolts shall be fixed and adjusting bolt to set up by adjusting the spring pressure, so when in shock, will not shift valve core, valve core, springs and u-shaped bolts of rotors will not fall off, can maintain good sealing performance, and can easily adjust the spring pressure.Metal tube condom is set in the central controller, can avoid the fracture and one thousand handle hurt the body.The reservoir type high pressure pump is also equipped with pressure gauge fitting and storage gas expansion chamber, in order to install pressure gauge to display the pressure and expand the capacity of gas storage charge pressure further increase, and in the case of without any tools according to need combined with compression chamber and gas storage room at random, and at the same time suitable for bicycles, rickshaws and motorcycles, cars and other motor vehicle tires inflated, fill gas.

1. A reservoir type high pressure pump, including the pressure chamber (4), (9) of gas reservoir and the piston rod (3), handle (1), foot (10) and aerated pipe (11), described in the compression chamber (4) of the lower cover (5) the center has a smaller diameter and the diameter of the lower and upper stepped hole, as described in step inside the hole, equipped with a valve core (6), spring (7), U of rotors bolt (8), described in the u-shaped bolts of rotors (8) lower has a narrow slot with gas storage chamber (9);Its characteristics is described in the hole is also equipped with spring inside tray (12) and the adjusting bolt (13);Described in the valve core (6) for double side positioning valve core, the department is composed of a frustum of a cone body and a cylinder, the upper part of a smaller diameter cylinder into stepped hole above department straight hole diameter smaller, its bottom is a medium diameter cylinder;Spring tray (12) to the top of the cylinder, the lower for the disc, the center has a hole;Described in the spring (7) set at the bottom of the valve core (6) at the end of the cylinder, on the other end of the spring tray (12) on the top of the cylinder, and by a disc at the bottom of the spring supporting plate (12) hold;Stated at the bottom of the u-shaped bolts of rotors (8) with administering the screw hole, when assembly by screwing in stepped hole under the larger hole diameter, adjust good spring (7) and at a fixed pressure;Described in the adjusting bolt (13) to the top of the cylinder, the middle of the disc, lower for the bolt, the upper cylinder part described into spring tray within the hole (12), which described the disc to resist Spring a disc at the bottom of the tray (12), the lower bolt described by u-shaped bolts of rotors (8) at the bottom of the screw Kong Xuan out.